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SINAK Corporation

Enabling the construction industry to succeed while saving precious resources The "water savings" technology that Oryx Enterprises are currently marketing and distributing exclusively in 13 countries including and surrounding the Middle East is SINAK S-102. The manufacturer, SINAK Corporation, has been producing S-102 for more than a quarter of a century however with all of the construction taking place (in excess of $5 Trillion and growing) the curing properties of S-102 have been our focus as this accounts for over 40% of the potable water usage in the region.

Water-curing of concrete typically involves Hessian and plastic to cover the concrete but ALWAYS involves potable water. Here in the Middle East region the use of potable water for curing related activities is to the tune of 107,000 liters per second. The volume of potable water used in our region over the next two years alone will be in excess of 21,000,000,000 gallons (21 billion).

Besides removing the need to use potable water, the other benefits of using S-102 for curing is that the test results achieved are better than those in water-curing, it is cheaper, it takes less labor and time and it produces NO waste. S-102 is environmentally friendly, there are no VOCs and it is non-flammable and non-toxic as well. Although there has been resistance to try new ideas, there have not been any legitimate reasons anyone (contractors, engineers, owners, etc.) can provide to not use S-102 instead of water.

Through persistence, Oryx Enterprises has already seen the benefits across Qatar and the U.A.E. over the past six months where water savings in excess of 500 million gallons have been realized. We expect these water savings to increase exponentially in the future as it becomes more widely used and expanded to different global regions.

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